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Miracle of Terebinth Tree

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

Terebinth plant, native to the Mediterranean region

from Morocco and Portugal to Greece, Turkey and Syria,

are perennial shrubs or small trees with aromatic dark

green leaves. Most of the plant parts including fruits, fruit

fatty oil and resin are used as food and traditional medi-

cine in the region. This plant has different biological

activities and is used in different traditional cures such as

treatment of burns, asthma and can be used as antiseptic for

bronchitis in Turkey. Terebinth extract exhibits various

bioactivities, such as antioxidant, antimicrobial and cyto-

toxic property because of its flavonoid, phenolic and

alkaloid contents and has an application field in envi-

ronmental studies.

for breastfeeding mother and baby

The literature explains that Pistacia terebinthus -by its traditional name BITTIM- is known to be very rich in tannin, essential oils and resinous substances and it has been known since ancient times for its aromatic and medicinal properties. Due to the antiseptic nature of the Botalife Wild Pistacia Soap, it is highly effective in curing skin diseases, eczema, acnes, and fungus. It also prevents excessive oil on scalp, scalp buildup, dandruff and hair loss. There have been several scientific elemental analysis. Researches show that the soap has 32 elements including the most beneficial ones for a healthy hair and skin. Traditional Wild Pistacia (Bittim) Soap is rich in tannin, essential oils and resinous substances. It also contains vitamin E which has a multitude of skin benefits and well known to rejuvenate skin, scalp and also soften hair.

terebinth tree

Benefits of Terebinth

It has hair and skin nourishing properties thanks to the natural E-Vitamin it contains.

It can be used for breastfeeding mothers without any need for cleaning again due to the wound being sterile at the nipple. %100 natural product No animal fat (tallow),

hardening chemicals,

artificial coloring,

synthetic perfumes. Not tested on animals.

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